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Premier Pacific Roofing was the first in the Portland Metro area to offer installation of DaVinci roofing and we have the longest history of success doing it. PPR is proud to be a Preferred Masterpiece DaVinci installer, which provides our customers with 50 Year Product Warranties and 15 Year Workmanship Warranties.

DaVinci products give you the look you love with the superior durability of a lifetime. DaVinci roofing comes in several styles and a wide variety of colors. The 3 main styles include Multi-Width, Single-Width, and Bellaforte. Below you can learn more about each of these to help you decide which DaVinci roofing product will best suit your home or other roofing projects.

Multi-Width Shake & Slate
Our most authentic-looking and versatile option, DaVinci's Multi-Width tiles set the high mark for luxury. Laying the tiles of multiple widths in a straight or staggered pattern creates the most natural, non-repeating appearance possible.
Single-Width Shake & Slate
Single-width tiles add a budget-friendly touch of tradition to your home in either a straight or staggered pattern. The uniform tile size and impact resistant composite construction work to reduce waste and speed up installation.
Bellaforte Shake & Slate
The inspired engineering of Bellaforte makes uncommon beauty considerably more attainable. Its innovative design requires less overlap (reducing waste and cost), making it a stylish upgrade that won't bust the budget.

DaVinci Roofing Quality Comparison Chart
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Why buy DaVinci vs other types of roofing?

  • Engineered to look better and last longer.
  • Thick construction, deep grooves and realistic grain patterns combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness.
  • Due to DaVinci's performance feature, many insurance companies now offer reduced rates and/or deductibles when switching from cedar or slate, especially in high wind, fire or hail prone areas.
  • DaVinci tiles are made of pure virgin resins fortified with slate of the art UV stabilizers.
  • Realistic chisel marks and a hand-crafted finishing touch.
  • DaVinci products are modeled from actual slate and hand split shake for natural non-repeating beauty.
  • DaVinci's unique composite construction outperforms both natural slate and cedar shake with a Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating and a 110mph Wind Rating. Providing the lasting beauty that others simply just can't offer.
  • DaVinci's Cool Roof tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from the home. Higher emissivity and reflecting rates lead to greater reductions in the cooling load and in return increase energy efficiency.
  • The ability of DaVinci's Cool Roof tiles to reduce the consumption of energy has earned them the designation of an ENERGY STAR qualified product.
  • The tiles are engineered to be lighter, resist impact and to maintain their color longer.
  • DaVinci Slate and Shake roofing systems come with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, meaning your DaVinci roof will stand the test of time.

Feel free to look over the DaVinci Roofing Brochure for more details.

DaVinci roofing is the pinnacle of roofing technology, providing unparalleled aesthetics and durability. To learn more, call Premier Pacific Roofing Inc. today at 1-503-855-4994 for a free consultation. You can also contact us via the estimate button below and we'll help get you an estimate right away!

DaVinci Roofing Multi-Width Slate

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